The Best Digital Logbook Apps for Pilots

The Best Digital Logbook Apps for Pilots

We’ve searched for the best pilot logbook apps on the market - so you don’t have to.

If you record your flight time digitally, with so many apps on the market it's hard to know which logbook app works for you, your training or your roster. 

Aileron works closely with a number of digital logging apps for pilots to record and print their hours in the simplest and most effective way and so we’ve rounded up our favourites, looking at flight logging experience, practicality and of course, the ones that allow you to record your flight time as securely as possible.

Digital vs Traditional

Digital logging is getting more accessible and popular, but it's important to remember that flight logging remains a legal requirement for pilots and with all of your flight time often stored on the cloud, its important to print your hours too to ensure they are protected from apps that become no longer supported or fail to keep your data safe.

The best digital logging apps should enable you to convert your recorded flight time into a printed and bound logbook on demand, not only as a memento, but most importantly for if you should need to present it to the authorities upon request for licence validation or even for your first (or next) pilot job interview. 

Read more about the importance of printing your digital flight log. 


The best logbook apps for pilots

#1 Aileron PilotLog


Platforms: Web - Android and IOS coming soon
Trial Period: 3 Months Free

Aileron PilotLog
Easy to use logging software with intelligent displays summarising your flying experience and tracking your limitations. It's easy to convert your Aileron PilotLog entries into a paper logbook format. Unfortunately, you cannot download your historic flight data straight from your airline server, this can be done by other importation methods.


  • Intelligent dashboard summary; track hours, most flown aircraft, most visited airports, distance flown and recency.
  • Easily copy data to speed up logbook entries on return sectors.
  • Easily print your digital hours into an Aileron logbook
  • Import airline roster (CSV or other downloadable format) to speed up bulk entries
  • Free Trial available


  • Cannot 'ping' airline servers to directly download flight data

Built off the back of the well established Pilotlog logging software, Aileron PilotLog has just landed with a brand new design interface. It is easy to use, compliant with global authority regulations and displays your flying data in an aesthetically pleasing summary format. For commercial pilots, it supports importing your roster from many different airlines worldwide. For non-commercial pilots, it is both easy to use and low-cost.

The team is responsive and easy to contact, so should you want any additional features, just send them a message!

Aileron Pilot Log does not ‘grab’ data from an airline’s server, but you can easily import CSV,TXT or PDF files to upload a large amount of flying data quickly and easily.

Aileron PilotLog is our number one recommendation simply as it is the most straight forward solution to logging and printing your flight records.

​Your Aileron PilotLog entries can easily be printed into your very own Aileron personalised Pilot Logbook. Don’t have enough entries for a full book? Don’t worry, PilotLog automatically populates the book with empty flight time entry pages, allowing you to continue your logbook by hand.

If you don’t have Pilotlog but wish to print your logbook or even get one printed as a gift, then simply send us a CSV,TXT or PDF file to customer.


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