Print your digital flight log

Print your digital flight log

Digital flight logging is on the rise and for many commercial pilots it’s the answer to keeping on track of your admin, especially with apps that can now connect and integrate directly with your roster.

Flight logging remains a legal requirement for pilots and with all of your flight log often stored on the cloud, we look at the importance of printing those digital hours too.

Why should I print my digital flight log?

Software no longer supported

Most flight log apps have very reliable software - our partners are the best on the market. However it’s always a risk that app software stops being supported. For example, if it doesn’t keep up with ios/android/window updates it might stop working permanently. 

If you are simply updating a the new version of an app, your flight logs should be safe in the cloud. However, if company stops supporting the programme altogether or goes bust, it could take your flight log with it - leaving you high and dry as you fly!

We've helped countless pilots over the last few years, who fell victim to lost data, having a printed paper version ensures you’re covered.

Data loss is a real risk

Another way that your flight logs could be lost is with a hard drive crash. This mainly affects those using apps that require you to save on your own computer or use excel. Think about printing your logbook as an insurance policy.

Job interviews

You never really know when you may have your next pilot interview, it may be planned or it may happen as a result of unexpected circumstances - airlines are actively recruiting and going bust in equal measure in today’s industry! We have had great feedback from pilots who have taken their Aileron Personalised Pilot Logbook into interviews. A smart leather finish draws attention for the right reason, a few sheets of A4 might not!

Licence validations

This is one we’ve been guilty of ourselves. Approaching licence renewal, we’ve witnessed and experience the scramble to make sure a pilot logbook is up to date and validated correctly. Usually the authorities expect you to present a valid logbook detailing your hours, so get organised and print your hours in advance to avoid any last minute rush or error.


How do I print?

We can print, bind and personalise your flight log from virtually any file format. So no matter how you’re keeping your flight log, we can help.

Discover how to print your digital hours ready for printing. 

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