The Best Gift for Pilots

The Best Gift for Pilots

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a pilot? A hard task, we know. There are lots of options out there, but we know you can do better than cheesy flight tag keyrings and pilot mugs... So we’ve put together a list of items that any pilot would be delighted to receive as a gift. Here are some personal favourites from the Aileron team, and top picks from pilots themselves.

Wingback Wallet

Wingback is a UK based leather crafter, which specialises in handcrafted and personalised wallets and other leather goods.

Their craftsmanship and attention to detail shine through their products, and the brand was actually a huge inspiration for Aileron in our early days, we were really inspired by the quality of their goods and product expertise. 

The original card wallet is my top pick, with beautiful leather options and customisable details this makes the perfect present, and won’t break the bank.

​Price from: £45

Recommended - Laura, Aileron Co-Founder and Brand Director


VECTURA EVO Laptop Bag with wheels - Samsonite

A flight bag is essential for any pilot. Pilots are always on the move and a flight bag will be with them at all times for flight documents, tablet, overnight essentials (for a planned or unplanned night stop!) and of course a logbook.  It needs a few good qualities but durability and practicality are the most important for me.

Often traditional style pilot bags and flight bags can be bulky and heavy - they’re not made for today’s modern cockpit. Especially for short-haul pilots, there isn’t a great need for a large bag and we see many pilots opting for smaller laptop-style bags; skipping the trolley bags for easy to carry options instead. 

Trolley bags seem like an essential part of pilot posing, but if you're dashing through the terminal, the ease of being able to carry your flight bag, outweighs, looking great! 

There are a variety of styles available: briefcase, laptop case or satchel. It is worth considering what compartments it has for what they like to carry and how easy it is to carry around with a suitcase (if they do longer stops down route).

I’d highly recommend the Vecturo Evo Laptop bag from Samsonite. It’s perfect for short-haul pilots at 27.5 L and fits a 17.3" laptop, it comes with reasonably sized compartments, perfect for a logbook, iPad, lunchbox, hi-vis vest and your day to day essentials. It’s fairly lightweight at
2.8 kg,  it’s made of high-quality material with a removable strap, and fits nicely in the cockpit. 

Price: £175

Recommended - Emile H., First Officer, Transavia


Furniture made from aircraft parts

Every year many aircraft are flown to their final resting places around the world as they are retired from service. Some aircraft parts are salvaged and turned into fashionable pieces of furniture. Aircraft doors redesigned into clocks, engines become chairs and trolleys become drinks cabinets. The prices of these items can vary but they are sure to last a lifetime and their unique style is unrivalled! 

Price: From 00’s to 000’s (and beyond)

Recommended - Nathan, Aileron Co-Founder, Commercial Director & A320 Pilot



Retro Aviation Posters


This is a more affordable, but just as stylish gift for a pilot. Vintage aviation artwork is perfect for anyone who has recently moved into a new home or is looking for a slight change of theme. There are some fantastic pieces of retro aviation themed artwork that is readily available online. My personal favourites are the vintage Air France advertisement posters - the perfect compliment to any aircraft furniture, 

Prices from: £3.99

Recommended  - Tim J, First Officer, easyJet



Aileron Personalised Pilot Logbook - of course!

Aileron’s Original Personalised Pilot Logbooks are the perfect companion for any aspiring or professional pilot for logging flight time throughout their career. Each book is crafted by hand in fine European leather and there are six leather colours to choose from - to suit any pilot’s style. 

Most importantly, you can make it a really unique gift by personalising the logbook with a pilot’s name or initials on the front cover - this is hand finished in fine foil detail.

Flight time is not only a special and personal journey, but it is also mandatory to record. Give a pilot a momento that helps them take true pride in their career with this logbook. 

Aileron logbooks are suitable for pilots of all levels, from Cadets to Captains. The books are compact, durable and have space for up to 1600 flights, which can last up to 5 years for even the busiest short haul pilot and even 15 years for a long haul pilot! They really are built to last. 

If you’re not sure which of our options to go for, get them an Aileron gift card so they can select their own perfect logbook style.

If you need any help, our dedicated customer support team is on hand to assist. Contact us 

Price: From £60
including free UK shipping


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