How to prepare for Line Training

How to prepare for Line Training

If you’re a pilot at easyJet and using the connected Portal to keep track of your flying hours, you can now turn those hard-earned hours into a hand bound, personalised leather logbook through our digital printing service.

easyJet pilots can now print their digitally record flight time. 

Read on for a simple step-by-step guide for easyJet pilots on how to print their Logbook into an Aileron personalised, leather-bound logbook.

Print flight hours from the connected Portal

  1. Login to the connected Portal
  2. Click “Check - In”
  3. From the Menu choose “Pilot Logbook Report”

  4. Enter your dates (From-To), now either click 'continue' for the PDF version or hit the 'Export as CSV'

  5. Head over to PilotLog and create a free account in a few simple steps.
  6. Click Import Roster from the top toolbar

  7. Follow the instructions as detailed below
  8. After your import is complete, you can print your logbook by following the instructions on our website

Why should you print your digital flight hours?

Flight logging is a legal requirement for pilots and aviation regulators can request your original logbook at any time. If your flight log is stored digitally its equally important to print your hours as a secure back-up. Read more here about why printing your logbook is recommended here. 

Get in touch! If you're looking for more information on printing your digital flight hours, contact us at
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