Best resources for pilots during Covid-19

Best resources for pilots during Covid-19

It continues to be a strange time for pilots around the globe. While some are finally back to flying or back in the sims, for many it remains a waiting game. We've put together a guide for the best resources available to pilots, no matter your situation. From free ATPL guides to pilot mentoring, make sure you're in the know.

Resilient Pilot

Peer Support and Mentoring for the Pilot Community

Resilient Pilot was launched as a result of the pandemic by a team of experienced aviation professionals from extensive flying and training backgrounds, in response to the impact of COVID-19 on pilot jobs and wellbeing. 

They have come together to offer a free mentoring service to help both aspiring and experienced pilots stay connected with the airline industry - hugely important at a time when this social and interactive community has been separated by lockdown. 

They have established a team of volunteer mentor pilots who come from a range of backgrounds and operational experience. This means that they can offer independent advice and guidance to any pilot whether in training, recently qualified or an experienced pilot who like many may be facing uncertainty at this moment for their current or future career.

It is good to connect with others in our industry during these times whether socially or professionally and this resourceful service offers just that. 

They say they are a passionate group of aviators who want to stay engaged and use their own experiences and our industry connections to do their best to provide support where they can, focused on helping pilots to build and maintain resilience.  

As well as mentorship they have also been hosting a variety of webinars on topics related to pilot wellbeing- such as sleep for pilots and conversations with aviation psychologists. They are also building a library of free resources which are set to launch soon.

A great resource whether you are looking to connect with the pilot community as a volunteer mentor or looking for informal guidance and support yourself. 

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Use Before Flight

For getting sim ready

Many line pilots are beginning to return to the simulator, which will focus as always on running through emergency situations. Many are being called back on short notice as flights may continue to ramp up over the summer across Europe. 

For any A320 or A330 pilots, Use Before flight is a fantastic tool available to help you run through ECAM procedures, helping to ensure you are ready for any emergency scenario that you could be tested on.

Use Before Flight offers 250+ abnormal and emergency scenarios. Each scenario includes insight into how to prepare and fly an approach with the selected failure. The app also contains a big range of cross referenced related content, such as videos, blog posts and other documents. Whether you want to practice fires, rapid depressurisation or landing gear troubles, this ECAM trainer has the lot.  

Practice ECAM handling procedures alongside airline manuals and expanded checklists for maximum impact. Be sure to exercise your decision making model.

The trainer is interactive and has the exact Airbus flight deck layouts, enabling you to practice the emergencies in real time. This will help you current on core competencies including; Application of procedures, Situation awareness, Problem solving and decision making, Leadership and teamwork (if practiced with a colleague), Communication and Knowledge.

Head to the UBF website and sign up to get practicing. 

Project Wingman

For using your skills for volunteering to support the NHS

Along with aviation psychologists, a team of enterprising pilots launched this independent volunteering programme to harness the peer support skills of aircrew who were furloughed, grounded, or made redundant by the COVID-19 crisis, to volunteer to support others most in need at this time - NHS frontline workers. 

Their ‘first class lounges’ concept has been rolled out hospitals where aircrew volunteers provide their famous first class service to provide a space for NHS frontline staff  to take a break during and after their intense shifts.

Thanks to the human factors and communications training that aircrew are equipped with, Wingman has proved hugely successful in supporting others in high workload situations. The programme has proved to be a popular and valuable support resource for healthcare staff and has now rolled out to hospitals across the UK and even overseas. 

As well as supporting NHS heroes across the country, Wingman is working in partnership with the Centre for Aviation Psychology to offer a peer support resource for their own volunteers  to speak to a trained peer regarding any personal or professional challenges they themselves may be experiencing due to the covid 19 crisis.
Find out more about volunteering at



For revision if you’re still in training

If you’re in the middle of training and studying for your ATPL exams, you may have more time on your hands to revise right now then you may have planned for - so it’s also a great opportunity to take this time to make sure you pass with flying colours - ready for when it’s safe for flight training to start again. 

To help all aspiring aviators survive their studies we’ve pulled together a number of handy guides on how to pass exams on core subjects such as mass and balance, performance (including factors & equations and take off v-speeds) to flight planning formulas.


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