6 reasons why you need to get this gift for a pilot

6 reasons why you need to get this gift for a pilot

It may seem simple (and we may be biased) but we’ve got six pretty solid reasons why a personalised, leather logbook is the very best present you could buy a pilot.

It’s much more than a cheesy keyring

There is nothing worse than getting a gimmick present that has no use in your day to day life. Its a legal requirement for pilots to keep a logbook and the aviation authorities may ask to see a record of a pilot’s flying hours at any point - what could be more necessary than that? So you can be sure that this present will not end up collecting dust, donated or re-gifted down the line.

It’s useful

Despite the importance of keeping an up to date logbook, many pilots fall behind on their logbook entries. Should you need to present a logbook for a job interview, a licence application or upon a request from the local aviation authority, it simply needs to be accurate. It’s all too common that pilots will spend hours catching up on their logging before a deadline. Get them a high quality, modern design logbook they’d be proud (and motivated) to log their flights in.

It’s unique

Aileron logbooks come with free personalisation of a name or initials, for the perfect unique gift that will be hard to beat! This surely trumps an #avgeek mug or Top Gun pyjamas…

It’s built to last


Although compact (and perfect to carry around); Aileron logbooks have enough space for 1600 entries. This means that this logbook will last around 5 years for even the busiest commercial pilot. For long haul pilots, it could even last closer to 15 years. Our materials have been selected not just for their style, but for their durability, making sure it’s truly a long lasting gift.

It’s a touch of luxury

Each Aileron Logbook is handmade in England by master book binders. Every single logbook is made to order using high quality 120gsm paper for the pages cover bound in fine european leather, hand finished in debossed foil for a personal touch.

There’s a style to suit every pilot

We know pilots can be particular… which is why Aileron logbooks come in six classic colours. From the traditional Britannia Blue, to the eye-catching gold embossed Rotary Red. Our Greenwich Green ECO Logbook is made from sustainably sourced recycled leather, so you can give a gift that is truly part of a sustainable production lifecycle.

If your pilot logs their flights by hand, we recommend an Aileron Original Personalised Logbook. This should give them the motivation to get their flight records up to date! If they log their flight time on an app or keep their hours on a spreadsheet, we recommend purchasing an Aileron Gift Card and they can get their details printed into a hand bound and personalised EASA compliant Logbook.

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